Jan Ken Pon

  • January 29, 2018

The 1st comic I ever did was publish in a Portuguese Manga Newspaper called "JanKenPon". Issue 12

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Animation Insider Interview

  • June 19, 2015

http://www.animationinsider.com/2015/06/diana-david/ I was in interviewed by animation Insider.You can read the Full Inteview here: http://www.animationinsider.com/2015/06/diana-david/

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Animation Award

  • March 31, 2014

The sound studio - O GANHO DO SOM loved my student work and decided to award me with a brand new sound design for PERSPECTIVES (my Master thesis animation short).This shot was also selected to be shown at the MONSTRA…

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Perspectives on Opening Moments

  • March 28, 2013

My Master Thesis animation short was blogged by the company Opening Moments.http://www.openingmoments.com/opening-moments-blog/bid/83343/Motivational-Videos-Perspectives

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Perspectives on MONSTRA 2013 Oficial selection

  • March 7, 2013

My Master Thesis Animation short was on the Official Selection of MONSTRA 2013on-page you can see the information on the official catalog. https://issuu.com/jnrepresas/docs/cat__logo_2013-digpub https://issuu.com/jnrepresas/docs/cat__logo_2013-digpub

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BFX visual effects competition

  • February 8, 2013

BFX visual effects competition open for entry and guess which image was used to advertise it? http://www.3dartistonline.com/news/2013/02/bfx-visual-effects-competition-open-for-entry/  My work from "Perspectives"!

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“Perspectives” was selected for the Aniwow!

  • November 1, 2012

 "Perspectives", my Master Thesis animation Short, was selected for the Official Competition in the category [Aniwow! 2012]7th China(Beijing) International Student Animation Festival.And was voted to be in the FINAL ROUND.

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3D Artist

  • March 31, 2012

Perspectives' stills are featured on 3D Artist magazine for advertise the FBX competition festival in Bournemouth.

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